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We have met some inspiring and incredible people on our road trip so far and without crew and supporters we would not be able to bring this adventure to you.

We are looking for crew members and if you think this is you, please apply on the Crew Opportunity page.

Live Life, Love Life and have fun

S Wark

Stephen Wark

Stephen Wark was born in Newcastle NSW Australia and spent the first year of his life in Kurri Kurri NSW Australia. From then he traveled the east coast of Australia and then the globe, to places like England, Europe, USA, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand.

I had a different style of education to most, having attended over 15 schools through out my school years, the longest stay at any one school being 3 years and the shortest 3 days, I have no regrets as I got to see some of the worlds most beautiful people and different cultures and to see some amazing towns and countries on this unique planet.

While at school in Papua New Guinea I worked in the work experience program and was offered that job once leaving school as a boilermaker.

Two years later I am back in Australia occupying myself in various professions, as a bartender, construction air conditioner fitter on large buildings, heavy machinery earth moving operator (in New Zealand), courier driver (in New Zealand and Australia), Transport Business owner and then for the past 12 years as a Fairfax photographer in the beautiful Port Stephens and Newcastle area, photographing prime ministers, celebrities, sport stars, CEO's and my favourite meeting and photographing every day people, while running my own photography video business, Studio and equipment hire.

For the past 10 years I have been working towards my dream, these days I juggle all these skills I have learnt to developing Drone Guy Aussie Road Trip and the adventure.

Jack (Drone Dog)

I am the newest member to the Drone Guy Aussie Road Trip. I want to thank my parents Fritz and Jetta, and my breeders Andy and Leah Hill (who I miss) for bringing me into this world, and now I get to travel around Australia on a big adventure, with my new dad Stephen and the rest of the crew, how lucky am I!

I join the crew at the age of 9 weeks old, I was born in Scone NSW Australia, and I am so excited to be part of this great adventure the Drone Guy Aussie Road Trip. I love walks, cuddles, food and most of all meeting new people, so if you see the motorhome stop by and say hello, or give me a big hug.

When I grow up, you will see my ears and gums flapping in the wind as I hang my head out the window trying to milk a smile from passes by. I think I am quite lucky to be with my owner all the time, traveling, spending days at the beach,lakes and rivers.

So follow my journey, watch me grow up, you will see me a lot in the Drone Guy Aussie Road Trip episodes, I can't wait to become a video star.

Crew Opportunity

Crew Members Coming Soon!.

I am looking for Crew Members. Crew Opportunities!

5 Crew Opportunities Available.

We are looking for up to 5 crew to join us on this Australian Road Trip. As I am spending the next year setting up Drone Guy Aussie Road Trip we will need keen honest enthusiastic people with a love for adventure to join this Aussie Road Trip, no experience needed.

You will be learning photography, video and filming skills. How to use the equipment, be part of the Road Show, behind the camera and in front of the camera. If you have ever wanted to be part of this once in a life time adventure now is your chance.

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The drone Guy Aussie Road Trip is powered by you our fans and would not be possible with out your support.

With cameras in hand, not everything makes it into our episodes. Get the whole story, in real-time by following us on Facebook and Instagram. Patreon supporters get exclusive access to the latest episodes and the opportunity to join the road trip as crew. Are you the next Drone Guy crew member?

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Friends of Drone Guy Aussie Road Trip. (Quinton) Quinton is the man who supplied me and helped me get into the drone industry, besides being a good friend, Quinton and are a wealth of knowledge and helpful.

Monte Dwyer (aka The Weather Man) I grew up watch Monty the weather man on TV and I met Monty at markets around NSW and we have become good friends, if you get a chance, take a look at his Books and DVD series, great read or watch.

Sailing SV Delos is creating a SAILING round-the-world adventure! I came across SV Delos while surfing youtube, I took a look at their youtube channel episodes and fell in love with their adventurous spirit and how they film their world trip, so much so it inspired me to pledge money to every video they produce and look forward to every Friday's episode. Keep up the great work Delos.