5 Essential items for Van Life living

When I started Van Life living about 3 years ago, out of my Toyota Hiace and now my motorhome, I had spent many years and dollars working out what is essential to me for van life living and the thing I might need. It took me a long time to work out what I really needed to be comfortable and make life easy. I found I really did not need a lot, to many gadgets = clutter and space is your enemy. The items listed are the things that make Van Life easier and more comfortable, not the obvious items, you can work that out for your own need, each person being different.

More Items added as we come across them.

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1. Four Way Tap Key for Australia
1. Four Way Tap Key for Australia

One of the most essential needs for van life living is keep your fresh tap water toped up and in some Australian Council areas you need one of the 4 keys to turn on the tap.

The easy to use four way tap key is designed for opening multiple sizes garden taps.

- 4 sizes on one key
- Suits 4 different vandal proof splines
- Brass construction
- Easy to use

2. Universal Soft Grip 2 in 1 Tap Adaptor
2. Universal Soft Grip 2 in 1 Tap Adaptor

There is nothing worst then one having the right tap adaptor and to that it is easy to tighten or loosen with out using tools, whether it's a cold morning or a badly made tap, with this tap adaptor it suits 3/4" and 1" taps with a large grip for easy tightening and loosening.

Fits all standard Australian tap sizes to deliver watertight connection! Compatible with most watering accessories and taps systems.

- Soft grip TPR coating
- Use with standard 12mm fittings
- Suits ¾” or 1” taps

3. Van Level Surface Set
3. Van Level Surface Set

Ensure your Van/motorhome is completely level with precision and accuracy with these Level Line Surface set. Complete with two compact levels for vertical and horizontal levelling, this set is ideal for Vans Motorhome, for a level good night sleep, to keep your fridge level and working as it should, just find a level surface in your van, up can mount it or just use it free hand.

Three vials for horizontal and vertical levelling
Compact design
Handy two piece set for convenience

4. Security Air Horn
4. Security Air Horn

Create some noise to worn off intruders with this security Air Horn! Pressurised can contains 50g. Number of horn blasts will vary based on length of each blast.

This security air horn is ideal for stirring up some noise and distraction - simply hold the horn upright with the funnel facing away for a big blast of sound, which should scare off the intruder or alert other people of your troubles, this security air horn is very loud.

5. Twenty Peg Portable Hanging Clothes Dryer
5. Twenty Peg Portable Hanging Clothes Dryer

Most days we have good weather to dry our clothes, but for the few day that are not. Now drying your small laundry items on those cold and wet days with limited space, this perfect for supporting socks, underwear, tea towels and other small laundry items.

Designed with a firm plastic frame and 20 plastic pegs, this dryer can be used inside and outside, held up with a sturdy plastic hook for extra support and is easily tuck away till you have to use next time .

Solid plastic frame
Can be used for both indoor and outdoor drying
Compact and portable design
Sturdy plastic hook for elevating laundry
Includes 20 pegs