Drone Guy Diaries: Part 1 "Drone Cameras Errors"

Two Dji Phantom 4 cameras fried in 6 months

Today I had a photo and film shoot with my DJI Phantom 4 Pro. As usual I setup the and test the Phantom 4 Pro in the motorhome (my office) before starting the job. No updates needed to be done, which is a good thing as I could get straight into the shoot. So I shut the Phantom 4 Pro down, it is sort of like a reboot before starting the my first flight for the day.

So out I went and found a safe take off area and booted up the Phantom 4, I check the systems and see a warning error "Camera Sensor Error - Hardware Malfunction. Contact DJI Support to for repair". So I tried another reboot with no luck. Straight away I thought here we go again!

Six months ago I had a camera issue after I had just done a shoot with my Phantom 4 drone just outside Dunedoo NSW, when I viewed the photos and film footage, I found lines and little black dots on both the photos and video. I contacted DJI and went through the online tech support, in the end I sent the Phantom 4 off to DJI Melbourne repair centre.

About 4 days after the Phantom 4 was picked up, DJI Melbourne told me the mother board had failed and it would cost me $300 to fix, unless I could prove that the Phantom 4 was still in warranty, That was easy the Phantom 4 had not been out in the market place for more then six months (plus I directed them to there online shop where I bought the DJI Phantom 4).

Six days after the phantom was picked up for it's repair, I received the drone back from DJI fixed. To be honest I thought the repair process would take 3 weeks, what I did not know at the start of this process was that DJI had a maintenance facility here in Australia. A big "Hi Five" to DJI on that.

Now back to the Phantom 4 Pro error. I always have a backup drone when on a shoot. So I pulled out my backup Phantom 4 and completed the shoot. So once back in my office with the Phantom 4 Pro I did a gimbal calibration, with no luck. Then out of no were it asked me to do a software update and to plug in the iPad mini to the Phantom 4 Pro, which I did, then I rebooted it up and the controller was updated. The error was gone, Wooo Hooo I thought, until I tried to take a photo, the error re appeared.

Then I did another full check of the systems and found that there was a new Go4 app update, I updated the app and fired up the Phantom 4 Pro again, the same thing happened again, everything was fine until I took another photo on the Phantom 4 Pro, the error re-appeared.

So I got back on the computer and chatted to DJI about the issues, They asked me to plugin the Phantom 4 Pro to the Assistant software program on my computer and do a camera calibration, which I did with no luck, So in the end DJI asked me to put in an email report and the would organise to have the Phantom 4 Pro to be picked up to be repaired. The thing that I like about DJI and their support, is it might take a bit of time and effort on your part, but in the end they deal with me in a professional way and get the problem sorted.

I will let you know how the repair goes with the DJI Phantom 4 Pro, stay tuned for the next part of this story.

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